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Kit Builders Soldering and Assembly Service is used around the world by QRP clubs, individual electronic enthusiasts and companies who desire quality soldering or assembly work, while enjoying the convenience of using Web Sites, Emails, PayPal and the Post Office. 
This service offers soldering or assembly using surface mount or thru-hole components for individual kits, limited production, first article assembly and engineering development with the primary focus being printed circuit card assemblies.  Today, Kit Builders is soldering for AMQRP, Small Wonder Labs, Norcal, QRP Amateur Radio International, Kanga US, many other QRP clubs and literally hundreds of kit builders. 
Price quotes include shipping and most kits are assembled and returned in 2-3 days.  Because of so many different electronic designs, kits and levels of assembly, Kit Builders offers a unique approach to quoting for soldering one part, a selection of parts, the entire assembly or production quantities.

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